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Ho Wai Chung Stephen

HO Wai Chung Stephen was first appointed as a non-executive Director on 9th April 2020. He has been a practitioner and senior executive of the information and communications technologies industry for thirty-eight years. He is the founder and CEO of n-hop technologies Limited, a technology start-up. He is currently a director of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Limited, a director of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, a member of the board of governors of Pacific Telecommunications Council of USA and the honorary chairman of Communications Association of Hong Kong Limited. He is also a committee member of the IT management committee and the chairman of the IT management club of the Hong Kong Management Association, a member of the advisory board of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, PRC and a member of the Asia Advisory Group of McGill University of Montreal, Canada. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Engineering – Honours Electrical from McGill University.