1. Products & Services


Data Network Infrastructure

Understanding that a solid network infrastructure is critical, we take a holistic approach from assisting our customers in designing the optimal and suitable strategy for their network infrastructure, selecting the right hardware and network services, setting up, configuring and customizing network components, ensuring seamless compatibility with connecting applications and providing network monitoring for optimum performance.

Surveillance Solutions

We design, build and maintain end-to-end integrated security and surveillance solutions in some of the most high-value and high-risk environments, e.g. gaming, where extensive security and surveillance are top priorities to a customer. We provide recommendations on backend video management system, choice of cameras, retention requirements and storage capacity for both a new establishment or on system replacement at an existing live environment.

Cyber Security, Cloud Security and Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Cyber-attacks can be detrimental to an operation, causing both financial and reputation risks, and as enterprise moves into the cloud, new security challenges emerge. Knowing how dynamic potential threats can be, we put special focus on advising and implementing firewalls and security tools for maximum protection and for identifying and analysing data traffic for challenges on networks, applications and IoT.

Cloud Data Centre Automation

Data centre automation is the process of managing the workflow and processes of multiple data centres facilities. Our solution provides a centralized access to all data centres resources, providing effective management and prompt provision of capacity installed.

Multi-Cloud Solutions for Smart City

We specialize in multi-cloud design and deployment that addresses the need to stretch a federated cloud over multiple data centres to increase scalability and high availability under open-stack architecture and the ability to span across both private and public clouds so as to leverage the presences and to minimize latency, yet without losing the deterministic control and function of a cloud with NFV and container support over a single data centre. We ensure that a solid foundation is built for Smart City applications so as to strive for maximum efficiency and intelligence over Big Data and IoT.

Seamless Communications

From unified communications solutions that allows customer to enhance business communications, collaborations and productivity, we also offer TETRA communications solutions in mission-critical environments that requires unparalleled voice communications to ensure awareness and real-time, quick and accurate decision-making capabilities.

Comprehensive Enterprise Solutions

Though our wholly-owned subsidiary, Mega Datatech, we provide a full and comprehensive array of turnkey enterprise solutions, from computing equipment, licenses, servers and storage, firewalls, networks and surveillance to development of customized software solutions to provision of maintenance support services. For detailed information of the products and services portfolio of Mega Datatech, please visit www.megadatatech.com.

Network Management System

Though our major subsidiary, TideStone, we offer a unified network and service management system that offers management of data traffic riding over networks, intelligent environmental monitoring and management of networks faults. For detailed information of the products and services portfolio of TideStone, please visit www.tidestonesoft.com.