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Support Services

Preventive Maintenance Support

Prevention is always better than care. We tailor make preventive maintenance package that will allow our customer to proactively detect potential issues, ensure equipment and firmware are optimized, system configuration are aligned with manufacturers’ best practices and help to better ownership of maintenance budget.

Corrective Maintenance Support

Understanding that a major system failure can adversely impact the business and reputation of our customer, we customize emergency support services for our customer based on their business needs. Our standby services include 8/5, 24/7, within 2 hours on-site support or resident engineer support.

Network Automation Services

With different aspects of the operation of the network can be managed, though implementation of automation tools and supported by proper testing regimes, our customer can achieve cost savings and more efficient deployment of resources. Albeit increasing complexity of network, we work with our customer from the easier tasks and work up to the more complicated network management workflows.